Bon, Clay & Sami


Paul Jacob



I really miss you



My angel



Kristi & Stephi



Clays 6th Birthday



He likes to squeeze it..














Welcome To My Friends & Family Photo Gallery

Baby Clay

Powderpuff Girls in the spring of 1979


Clay, Squirmy, Natalie, & I in September 2008

Dog & Man

Clay's 8th Birthday

Kid Crazy Spring 2005

Brad, Ray, Walter & I in 1985

Homecoming Girls

Valley Center

My boys

Kristi & Stephi

Terri & I in Kauai

Clay & I

Squirmy, Gnat & Clare

At the zoo with Natalie & Henry

It's 50's Day in 1979

Water park knuckle heads

Sunset in Encinitas

Clay Michael

Be Healed!

Clay Michael

Squirmy & I August 2009

Endless Summer

Endless Summer






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Clay blob



This shot rocks!

Thanks Derek!







Conan in 3 - D



Mom in 1985



Wolfy, Clay & I