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Kristi & Stephi




Clay boy


I Love You Stephi



Clay & Natalie



My Dad in 1926


Angie xoxo





Baby Squirmy
















Welcome To My Family Photo Gallery

My sister Cheri back in 1972

Happy Birthday Clay

Clay & Natalie 2011

Mom & Dad in 1985

Kristen & Stephanie in 1992

Sponge Blob & Patrick in 2008

Paul & I in 2002

Kristi & Stephi in 1996

Natalie Michelle

Clay & Squirmy in 2007

The kiddoes

The Kiddoes in 2006

Oh brother...

Terri & I in Carlsbad

We love & miss you

My little Sweethearts in 1992

Mom & Dad on their 25th

 Sunset over Torrey Pines

 Natalie Michelle

Clay & Natalie 2007

Clay & Natalie 2009

Endless Summer





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Baby Stephi


Little me


Clay, Sami & I


Terri Ann




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