Little Natalie


Baby Stephi


I miss you


My Kristen Leigh



My little sweetie



Clay & I July 2007




I love you Clay


Me in 3rd Grade


My boneless boy


Prom 1979


I love you Kristen Leigh


Clay Devil


Clay & Natalie


Natalie Michelle


Christmas 1964


Summer of 1964


Kristi's 5th birthday


Me again













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My sister Cheri

My sweet son Clay

Squirmy & Clay

Clay Michael

Mom & Dad

Baby Clay

The Big Kids


Christmas 2010

At the zoo

Me at 3

Clay & Natalie

Terry, Bonnie & I

True Love









Thank you Lord for being there for me, when no one else was and for removing the wrong people and things from my life.

Thank you for your example and for teaching me and demonstrating your perfect love and clarifying to my heart what loving

someone and being loved by someone really means and to trust you and your timing. You are everything to me....thank you Father.



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Little Clay Clay


The Class of 2007






My little  mini me...


Giraffe boy



Natalie turns 3 years old


Photo booth knuckleheads


Clay Clay



Farmer Grant..


Clay Michael


Waiting for the bus


Boot Boy


Aunt Tom & I


Baby Squirmy


I love you


Little Clay Clay


Christmas 2010


Colton & friend


Princess Natalie