Grant Bryan Chambless

   West Lake Hills, Texas




General Background

Thirty five years of technical project management, engineering, sales and construction experience performing geological and environmental investigations, emergency response actions, and regulatory compliance procedures for clients with environmental issues or concerns. I have extensive knowledge and expertise in geological and contamination assessments, remedial system design and construction procedures incorporating complex aquifer research studies, geological studies, coordinating and conducting additional research and executing technical projects to completion.  In addition, I have a command of several software design products, hydrogeologic and geologic modeling programs, databases, operating systems and numerous other software packages, tools and environments.



Bachelor of Science, Geology, Baylor University.  

Concentration: Invertebrate paleontology, depositional systems and carbonate geomorphology.


Software Expertise or Experience

AIRSTRIP; TIME-LAG; TOWER; SOILVENT; VENT; SLUGTEST; PLASM; GWAP; MODFLOW; PTPLU; RANDMWALK; AutoCAD; SURFER; ARCGIS; GEOLOG; GIS; GEO; WITS; RIGLINK; MS Project; MS Office Suite Applications (WORD, ACCESS, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, PHOTODRAW) and numerous other operating systems, programs, products and applications.



Analysis of a Contaminant Migration and Containment Project,

A Case Study of an Affected Property Assessment Report.

Dissertation; Baylor University, 2003.



Professional Geologist (Florida #PG2571)

Professional Geoscientist (Texas #PG10598)

Professional Geoscientist (Louisiana #PG079)

Well Control Systems / Drilling Supervisor (Surface/Subsea #W - 401833)

Microsoft Certified Professional:  Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0

Microsoft Certified Professional:  Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0

Microsoft Certified Professional:  Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Microsoft Certified Professional:  Microsoft Commerce Server 3.0

MCP + Site Building # 2029525

ISO 14001 Audit Training

Series 6 SEC/NASDAQ # 1660652

(40) Hour OSHA certified for Operation & Management of Hazardous Waste sites (Level A HAZWOPER).

(40) Hour Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor #129504

Loss Prevention System Training (LPS Exxon/Mobil)

NASDAQ & Department of Homeland Security Clearance (TWIC)

Water Survival / HUET

Safe Land / Safe Gulf



Professional Memberships

Toastmasters International (ATM Gold)

National Water Well Association

Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers

American Petroleum Institute
American Institute of Professional Geologists


Professional Experience

As Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for GreEnergy Companies Inc., I am responsible for facility evaluation, compliance and reporting.

As Program Manager of the Environmental Permitting Section of the Oil and Gas Division for the Railroad Commission of Texas, I managed all surface remediation and disposal permitting  for oil and gas waste within the State of Texas.


As an Operations Geologist with Baker - Hughes Corporation, I was responsible for open hole field data acquisition, drilling operations monitoring, pore pressure and geological sample interpretation within the Gulf of Mexico region (Deep water).


As Environmental Compliance Inspector / Geologist with ACI Inc., I was responsible for environmental compliance, waste minimization and drainage design compliance and auditing  for the 57 mile SH130 Interstate construction project in central Texas.


As Project Manager/Senior Geologist with WRS Compass Inc., I served as a project manager and technical advisor for various private companies, regulatory agencies and enterprises throughout Florida but primarily functioned as a coordinator for larger roadway expansion, land use and reclamation projects for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) in south Florida.


As Senior Project Manager/Hydrogeologist for GLE Associates Inc., I was responsible for final technical review of environmental, engineering and facility management work products, proposal, budget, personnel review and business development for the environmental department in south Florida.


As Senior Hydrogeologist/Project Manager for Handex Consulting & Remediation – SE, LLC.  I provided internal quality control and technical review for a wide range of projects and environmental services for various clients in the state of Florida including environmental assessment, remedial system construction, lead and asbestos abatement services, and emergency response activities and reporting.


As Project Manager/Geologist with Rosengarten, Smith & Associates I was responsible for providing large scale remediation system design and construction services, hazardous waste characterization and disposal services and various other  regulatory compliance tasks for private clients and interests in the state of Texas including industrial waste landfill design and construction.


As Vice President of Client Services with Sphaire, I was a minority partner in a Marketing and Business Process Improvement consultancy incorporating Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodologies and philosophy to mid-size and small businesses with the intention of reducing overhead, improving productivity and reducing general operating costs.


As a Web Developer/Technical Analyst with Dell Computer Corporation, Dell Online / I.T. Quality Assurance Team, my responsibilities included final performance analysis of web-based applications before release into production. Tested applications were subject to load and functionality analysis before launch and return into the software cycle. My responsibilities included creating test environments to mirror production environments, implementing functional specifications as per submitted build documents and testing of HTML, ASP, XML and SQL software applications for required functionality, test case and load analysis.


I was also a member of Dell Computer Corporation’s Early Life Technical Support Team (ELS). ELS specific responsibilities were identification of hardware & software issues that would arise within the first thirty days of system purchase.  Identified issues with resolutions were then brought to the attention of the production group and placed into the Problem Resolution Database (PRD) for further development.  I was a regular participant in the Spike Busters program (testing of pre-release computer systems and components) and was the only Dimension (desktop) representative selected to perform quality audits, training and mentoring to other hardware technician’s floor wide. I have estimated to have fielded greater than 30,000 incoming support calls. I received numerous accommodation letters from customers, one specifically from Michael Dell and I was presented the Synergy Award for exemplary service.


As Operations Manager/Senior Hydrogeologist with Lutz Petroleum Inc., I was responsible for management, and technical oversight of an environmental consulting firm with gross annual sales of $6.0MM. Other responsibilities included performance and evaluation of professional and technical staff consisting of Project Managers, Geologists, Engineers, Geo-technicians and drilling crews. I have conducted environmental services, hazardous and non-hazardous waste contamination site assessments and remedial action plans for municipalities, major oil companies, and industrial concerns in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey.  I directed approximately thirty remedial system installations and overseen necessary reporting, consistently within budget and time milestones. I have authored five (5) Generic Quality Assurance Plans (GQAP) detailing means and methods of chemical sample acquisition, analysis, and quality control.


During my tenure as a Project Manager/Geologist with Metcalf & Eddy Inc., I served as the company representative for Texaco (Star Enterprise), Exxon, and Shell Oil Companies at various times for the southeastern region. I was also a quality assurance supervisor responsible for internal quality audits and technical quality control. I have coordinated various environmental services for Amoco Oil Company, British Petroleum, Exxon, Mobil Oil Corporation, Shell Oil, Amerada Hess, Conoco, Star Enterprise, Chevron, Coastal, Metropolitan Petroleum Company; Sea & Land Corporation, CSX Railway, G.E. Rail Car and the local governments of West Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties in southern Florida.  I have authored over one hundred (100) Contamination Site Assessments, Remedial Action Plans, Phase I & Phase II Environmental Audits & Remedial System Installations.


Largest Projects in Category

  • ·        Landfill Design and Construction: General Electric Railcar Repair Services; Managed and Supervised construction of Class I Industrial Waste Landfill, Ranger, TX.

  • ·        Remedial Action Plan: Managed and Designed Groundwater and Soil Remedial Action Plan for  Shell Oil Company’s Bulk Fuel Storage and Distribution Facility ,  Port Everglades, FL.

  • ·        Hazardous Waste Removal: Managed and Coordinated Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste Characterization and Disposal procedures for Star Enterprise (Texaco) 82 Locations. 

  • ·        Contamination Assessment: Managed and Coordinated Contamination Assessment for Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  • ·        Initial Remedial Action: Shell Oil Company; Coordinated Emergency Response and Assessment actions for bulk fuel recovery during flood, Naples, FL.

  • ·        Remedial System Construction: Amerada Hess Oil Company Managed Groundwater & Soil Remedial System Construction, Bulk Fuel Storage & Distribution Facility, Tampa, FL.

  • ·       Petroleum Production Well Installation: Noble Drilling / Shell Oil Company; Key team member of 27,000’ production well installation project, Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico.



Various other Skills or Expertise

Florida and Texas Geology:  Extensive knowledge of surface & subsurface formations and aquifers.

Greater than 2000 wells installed: Recovery wells, monitoring wells, air sparge wells, soil ventilation related wells and various other data points or test pits performed.

Drilling Methods: Hollow stem auger, solid stem auger; vibration & sonic methodology; mud rotary (multi-stage); cable tool; GeoProbe; standard penetration testing (STP).

Data Acquisition: Extensive theoretical (modeling) and physical experience involving groundwater, surface water, sludge, sediment & soil sampling (numerous methods and techniques) data loggers, ground penetrating radar, gas chromatography and various other data acquisition methodologies and techniques.



Employment History

Pres. 2018 Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, GreEnergy Companies LLC., West Lake Hills, TX

2018 2014 Manager III / Geologist, Railroad Commission of Texas, Austin, TX

2014 2012 Exploration Geologist, Baker-Hughes Inc., Houston, TX

2011 – 2010 Environmental Geologist, ACI Inc. Austin, TX

2009 – 2008 Project Manager/Senior Geologist, WRS Compass Inc., Miami, FL.

2008 – 2008 Senior Project Manager/Hydrogeologist, GLE Associates Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

2007 – 2006 Senior Hydrogeologist, Handex Consulting & Remediation LLC., Delray Beach, FL.

2006 – 2003 Project Manager/Geologist, Rosengarten, Smith & Associates, Inc. Austin, TX

2003 – 2001 Vice-President of Client Services, Sphaire Partners, Inc., Austin, TX.

2001 – 1998 Senior Technical Analyst, Dell Computer Corporation, Round Rock, TX.

1997 – 1992 Operations Manager/Senior Hydrogeologist, Lutz PetroleumCo., Pompano Beach, FL.

1992 – 1987 Project Manager/Geologist, Metcalf & Eddy, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

1987 – 1986 Stock Broker, First Investors Corporation, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.




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