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Welcome to our photo site 
& to each corner of our lives

Wake up sunshine

The Birthday Boy

My Golden Twins

Beautiful La Jolla

The Water Boyz

Just Remember I Love You

Clay, Big Grant, Natalie & Samarra

on Pensacola Beach in December 2003

True Love

The Oregon Coast

Mom & Dad 1944

Natalie Michelle

Encinitas Cliffs by Moonlight Beach

Visiting Grandpa

Angels at The Westgate

Clay & Natalie

My Sweethearts

Life Guard Station at Moonlight Beach

I love you

I love you too

Clay, Natalie & Sami

Take me there

Kids, kids & more kids

I miss you

Pensacola Beach

This web site is intended for the personal enjoyment of my family,

 friends and loved ones.  It is a large photo site so be patient.

Write to me if you have any comments or questions

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 I would love to hear from you.


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Sunset at the Oasis


Majestic Big Sur


Stone & Steps Beach






Kristen Leigh


Lookie no bones!